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Address: Shiborgyu Village, Guantun Town, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province

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Liaoning shipengtianze fertilizer co., ltd formerly known as dashqiao city southern liaoning agricultural production means chain co., LTD. The company was founded in September 1997, is the southern liaoning region agricultural resources fertilizer sales of the main company. In 2013, in order to better serve agricultural production and achieve sustained, stable and healthy development, the company established a new enterprise integrating production, sales, research and development and trade.

The company is located in "China's magnesium capital" -- dashi bridge foundation magnesium material industrial park, close to the ancient Stonehenge cultural relics -- stone boron. Transportation is convenient, reaching all directions, ha da highway and da da railway run through the whole territory, shen da and pan hai highway converge da shi qiao, 45 kilometers from bayuquan port, and 23 kilometers from yingkou port.

The company is the agricultural science and technology development test base of liaoning academy of agricultural sciences. The company covers an area of 40,000 square meters, with a magnesite mine, two magnesium raw material processing plants, 12 light burning powder kiln, four magnesium sulfate production lines, the production of different content, a variety of specifications of products. Annual output of agricultural magnesium sulfate 150,000 tons, seven water magnesium sulfate 50,000 tons, magnesium oxide powder 30,000 tons. Mainly produces magnesium sulfate series products; Magnesium oxide products; Seven water magnesium sulfate series products. The company is committed to research and development and production including (particles, water soluble, liquid), trace elements, high-end new fertilizer. The company has advanced production technology, strong technical force, perfect detection means and high-quality products. The products sell well in Europe, America, Japan and Korea. Southeast Asian countries and regions. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management certification.

Company adhering to the "customer first, integrity cost" concept, adhere to the "quality brand, brand market" belief, in line with the idea of serving agriculture wholeheartedly, sincerely hope and friends around the world, the development of friendship and cooperation, to achieve a win-win situation.

Liaoning Shipeng Tianze Fertilizer Co., Ltd.